Past Presidents Jeeper of The Year HJC in Print

Hemet Jeep Junk – January 1965. Editor – Toots Brown
Trip from Hemet to Idyllwild and back the Hard Way: Suddenly a left turn, then right and we were going up the San Jacinto river bed. Then a right turn to the top a mesa for a better view! Then only one thing that appeared to those following “The fearless leader”, was the bottom side of the right bumper, spare tire, etc. As seen when a jeep stands on its noise. Wow! Who dug that hole? Well after patching up cut eyebrows, skinned knees, etc. Sway we go up Indian Canyon to view Palm Trees, a Hot Springs that still flows in the upper end of Indian Canyon-is this where Chuck Howard catch a 50 inch 12 years ago .. or is it the other way around. Boy, it sure helps when you keep an eye on the jeep behind you, but it sure is hard to have the fellow follow- some fellow like Bill Cummings. He lead the rear half of the group the wrong way. Boy – listen – if Bill ever follows you put up signs for him, hope you had fun. Then there was Roy Simmons. Roy where did you get all the barbed wire around your drive line? Well so much for that – everyone back in line, thanks to two-way radio. Boy these modern conveniences.

1949 – Trail Boss – Howard Neher
  • First jeeping trips to Truckhaven Hills made by the unofficial club dates back to 1947.
  • The first automobile through Coyote Canyon was made in a Buick car back in May 1925. William Martin which owned the old down town theater. 
  • In 1966 the Nelson Machinery Company donated six new Scout vehicles to be used by the women in the competitive driving event during the De Anza Cavalcade.
  • First HJC meetings only had refreshments served during the meetings and potlucks where for special occasions (installation) or for the river bed meeting (wiener roast).

I hope all will enjoy “Tidbits” from the past. Until next month, Happy Trails to All ….Yolie